Fairy tale

Fairy tales do exist. True love and soul mates are real. Love is not only an action, but a feeling. A feeling that you can not change or choose. When we first met, people told us we would glow….something was different, a light in our eyes. We used to laugh when they told us one day we would be like the rest. We could never fight because we loved eachother best. You were my hero and I was your princess. You are who taught me that fairy tales really do exist. Why did it have to end?? Was it us our just our time? I am left with a story book, but no happy ending to tell. My fairy tale has not ended so well. I never imagined us apart because you have been a part of me. Can a love like ours really be lost or have we sacrificed it at a very extravagant cost. We said we would live on the side of the road in a cardboard box, happy together…having only you and me. Now it effects more than us, a family of five so very lost. It was never supposed to be this way. I was like Cinderella and you were my prince, a glass slipper that was shattered…not only lost. I will teach them to love and that true fairy tales do exist and it is possible for them to continue with bliss. The truth is REAL fairy tales DO exist.


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