I am so sad and lost without you. Where did go? There are times I think I felt you, even thinking I’ve seen you appear. I long for the days you held me so dear and those precious times your love was so true and clear. We have grown up together and somehow we have grown apart. Where did I loose you? Or was it you who lost me? I have never wanted to be anything but yours. It is a choice I will rejoice in and never regret. I was not only your wife, but your best friend too… I never imagined a day of my life without you. Torn and lost by fighting and past mistakes, I know for our children’s sake we will continue on…whatever that takes. I do not know who I am without you, that part of me is lost. My heart is broken and my soul just cries. Today there will be no kiss, no hug, or embrace…I can only hold it in my heart and picture your face. A love so deep, so powerful, and so true, how did we get so Lost? Was it me or was it You? There truth is somewhere along the way we both changed and began growing separate ways. You saw me for my mistakes and it slowly made the beauty of me fade. A love like ours is no mistake, but it is not something you choose or take. In our children’s eyes, I can see you and I see a love that continues and is much bigger than you and I. We have just gotten lost and our only hope for togetherness is the Man that hung on the Cross! He brought us together and He makes no mistskes…it is His hand that we must take. To be together again, joined truly by Him…there would be no stopping us because our love and unity is found by Him. 


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